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group: VesAIthon

This event needs Free Pizza!

** We'll display your logo, 100% width on overhead screen before commencement.
** If you're sending an in-person representative, they may speak for up to 60 seconds at commencement (strictly time limited).
** We'll tweet our thanks to you, along with photos of the free pizza!
** We'll say thanks for the free pizza to your organisation on our meetup page along with a link to your site.

** We are open to considering if you have other requests.

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INR ₹30000
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Event title: VesAIthon

Date & Time: Friday, June 28, 2019 at 08:00

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- link this FreePizza event to a event Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology (VESIT) in partnership with LeadingIndia.AI ( a nation wide initiative on "AI and deep learning Skilling and Research" under Bennett University) is organizing a 24 hour nation wide hackathon to provide a platform for technical talents of the country to come and dedicate themselves for developing innovative solutions to the problems faced by kids, senior citizens, and differently abled. The event is been sponsored by various organisations such as Capgemini, Adapti etc in collaboration with AICTE and Brunel University (London)