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group: Toronto ProductGo Meetup

** We'll display your logo, 100% width on overhead screen before commencement.
** If you're sending an in-person representative, they may speak for up to 60 seconds at commencement (strictly time-limited).
** We'll tweet our thanks to you, along with photos of the free pizza!
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** We are open to considering if you have other requests.

Event title: Fighting the Giants: How to Build Products that Beat the Competition

Date & Time: Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019 at 18:00

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- link this FreePizza event to a event Many markets are dominated by a few major players - gigantic competitors with seemingly unlimited resources. Whether you're in FinTech, Insurance, or other industries - understanding how your competitors work is crucial to any product manager.

How do we design and build products that can stand up against companies that are already leading the market?

Join us as we invite Breanna Hughes (Director of Product @ League) and Avrum Laurie (Head of Product @ Wealthsimple) for a panel discussion on how they are gearing their teams up to challenge the giants.