You want free pizza for your usergroup, meetup, hackathon, tech talk, conference.....

sponsors want to give you free pizza.... nice.

This event is in the past and is archived.

group: IndieBeers

** We'll include your logo and a sponsor message in newsletter to 30+ people

** Same on Twitter account of 50 people

** Logo on poster for event seen by 40 attendees and potentially 100 more at the same venue but not for event

** Will post your logo on photos after event to Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin

** We are open to considering if you have other requests.

Event title: IndieBeers // London Meetup #6

Date & Time: Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019 at 18:00
There's no link to further information. London's official Indie Hackers pub meetup.

IndieBeers exists to remove friction from London Indie Hackers meeting IRL, exchanging ideas and supporting each other.

The format is simple, and purposefully designed to the opposite of most tech meetups. We get people together at the local pub in the easiest, most relaxed way possible.

There's genuine enthusiasm for these events, and a lot of positivity about the Indie Hackers movement. The first event was only 3 people in September, and it's nearly doubled in size each month.

There's already 31 who've hit attending after 3 days of posting on Meetup, usually it takes 30 days to reach that same amount. So it could easily be more like 50 attendees total on the night.