You want free pizza for your usergroup, meetup, hackathon, tech talk, conference.....

sponsors want to give you free pizza.... nice.

  1. create a group (see top menu)
  2. from the group page, create an event / request free pizza
  3. you will be informed when a sponsor purchases your pizza request
  4. you and the sponsor make direct contact with each other to deliver your sponsorship commitments
  5. at the event, tweet pictures of your pizza with hashtag #freepizza and the sponsors web address / Twitter link
Important notes regarding provision of sponsorship money:
  • you will be required to participate in a personal identification process prior to funds being provided - hopefully you understand why this is necessary
  • you will be required to validate that you are the organizer of the event being sponsored - again hopefully you understand why we need to do this
  • we will provide 80% of the funds to you approximately 3 days prior to the event
  • the remaining 20% of the pizza money we provide to you after the event, once the sponsor confirms satisfaction, which typically means you delivered to your commitments and tweeted photos of the event and pizza with appropriate hashtags.
  • the 80/20 payment split is important for sponsor happiness, but it does mean you'll need to cover 20% of the cost in the short term, until your sponsorship commitments are met